Welcome at our site of Sacred Birman Cat Pure Passion *PL.



We have a kitten avaiable in colour cream (SBI e). Ready to change home in the beggining of December.



 The litter "M" was born. We have two male kittens: red and cream




                             o: IC Beowulf Aslan's Bliss*PL                                                                             m: Holly Pure Passion*PL                                                           


We are happy to inform that on 24.03.2016 the "L" litter was born. Yasha became a proud mother of 3 kittens.

All the kittens from this litter have been already reserved.  




At the end of March we are expecting the litter "L" from Yasha Medicat*SK and IC Beowu Aslan's Bliss*PL.



f: IC Beowu Aslan's Bliss*PL                                                                              m: Yasha Medicat*SK





We are happy to inform that the "K" litter was born- two males and one female. More informations and pictures soon.




In the middle of the February will be born very expected litter "K".
Proud parents will be CH Fahru Catali's*DE and CH Marvellous Sunrise v. Blutengarten*A
Expected colors:
- males: red, cream points(tabby)
- females: torttie points(tabby)


fife felis polonia